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So what's the Mission?

Imperfect Produce is on a mission to take ugly food and put it on our table. That might sound a bit odd, but those ugly radishes you see on the right otherwise would have been thrown in the dumpster.

My Role

As ugly as the veggies were (not so ugly), so was the website. I can tell straight away that the raw resources used were actually really good, just used in an ugly way.


I wanted to make a simple redesign, using the exact same resources that they used to not only create a better looking layout, but optimized for functionality. 

Because more people are using their phones than ever (67%), I decided to create a mobile first approach. Simple rearranging and intuitive color variations can really make a difference.

Specific Problem

Their current website did not implement basic design principles. Information everywhere, difficult to understand and read, lack aesthetics. It simply didn't give users what they were looking for.

Current Resources

If I can create a lean design by using the same resources and rearrange them in a more optimal way, conversions should go up.

Resources are only as good as someone's ability to use them.

Improvement #1

Message box: the message box was directly distracting the CTA button - a big uh oh. It’s hard to figure out how to click the CTA button with the message box in the way.

With this design, the main CTA is directly at eye level.

Improvement #2

Layout: The original layout transitioned into a page of sponsers, which is distracting and doesn’t allow the user to know exactly what the company is about.

In terms of layout, having the paragraph centered makes it difficult to read.

I reduced the long boring text (bringing out my content writing self) by truncating only the most useful information. Check out the new layout!

Final Thoughts

I used the exact same resources from the original, and made it better. The message is clear, the branding is clean. Users can easily understand the company's mission. It's projects like these that gives me so much satisfaction.

What's Next?

The website still needs a lot of task and user flow design heuristics to increase conversion. And of course, SEO and land page optimization is always something that's good to focus on.

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