Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation

Web, Rebrand, Style Guide, Non-Profit

What is CLF?

The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation has a very inspirational mission. From ongoing clinical trials to a trusting community, they are creating the all-in-one hub for people diagnosed with CL.

My Role

CLF hasn't updated their website in over a decade. All of their great content was hidden behind layers of confusing buttons. Their brand looked like the DMV, not the trusting community that they worked so hard to build. But I'm here to change that.

Using modern design and UX techniques, I created two in depth pages that put their best resources on the forefront. The design organizes the complex information into a clear and friendly navigation.

Also included below is a style guide to make sure their subsequent design materials wouldn't stear too much off course (it's a really big thing when working with multiple designers).

Volunteer Page

This volunteer page showcases a modern and professional menu. Previously, the page was bland and boring - not something you'd want your new volunteers to feel. This redesign exuberates cheerfulness and motivation, something that will get you feeling connected, which is exactly what we want here.

Information heavy pages

CLF has certain pages with an immense amount information. My task was to take the user through all of this information with these points in mind:

1. Give the user what they came to look for

2. Don't overwhelm the user

3. Get them to sign up

Style Guide

I put together a style guide to help clients maintain the look, feel, and vision of the organization.

page 1.1
page 3
page 2
page 4
page 6
page 1
page 7
page 5

Final Thoughts

This project was quite unique. Many websites emphasize not overwhelming the user with so much information. But in this case, the user came specifically to get as much information as they can, and sign up for as much as they can. So it maybe pretty obvious, but really know your users.