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UI/UX, Web & Mobile Application

Project Management App for Construction 

StructionSite is a video project management tool that makes it easy to track the progress of construction projects through 3D video recording and continuous project updates within the team.

My Role

I redesigned several usability problems:

  1. GPS Tracking

  2. Bulk Actions

  3. Feedback Notifications

  4. Adding Photos


Creating a 360 photo and video tracking for construction isn't easy. A lot of the designs require innovation, designs that haven't been used on your everyday app.

But through user testing, we were able to figure out solutions through psychological techniques.

User Complaints

 We prioritized usability problems based on user feedback.


The first step was to make sure that we tackle the confusion where it starts. 

What was the first thing they got wrong?

Why were they confused?

What is the best solution?

Calibration for GPS Tracking

Construction workers wanted to get live updates about where they are in the floor plan, and update each sector of the project accurately. The problem with this is that there is no internet in construction sites.

We decided that there needs to first calibrate their floor plan onto the building site before starting any type of photo/video walk.

Add Photos

Users needed a more intuitive approach to adding photos from their phone.

The challenging part was integrating a new photo upload process with the app's current interactions. But like everything else, it can be done.

Feedback Notifications

A very simple redesign drastically lifted a huge problem on the site. Many users complained about accidentally deleting photos, needing to undo them.

As an extra useful perk, I added feedback notifications to let the user know each step that they took.

New Tagging System

Clients continually requested a tagging system where they could tag things in bulk. Something that was also important was to include other necessities that they will require along the way.

Tagging Interaction

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