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Agency: MediaCause

CoachArt's valuable cause

CoachArt creates a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness.

My Role

I worked with the project manager on the client's new marketing design. The client wanted to see three different rebrand options. I created each one with different volunteers in mind:

1. Arts & Enthusiasts

2. Seasoned Volunteers

3. Parent Advocates

Arts & Enthusiasts

I used inspiration from their current cartoon graphics that I found from their youtube video (they make such amazing videos!), and from the headspace app they liked.


It's fun, colorful, and superhero themed.

Seasoned Volunteers

Key words:

  • Kid focused

  • Fun

  • Colorful


I wanted it to represent seasonal volunteers who are not specifically skilled, but love playing with children. So I came up with the theme, “Imperfect Shapes”. 


Since the volunteers love children, I incorporated photos of them throughout the page in order to build that connection.

Parent Advocates

I wanted to focus on transformation. You’ll notice there is a gradient to symbolize the transformation that children go through with CoachArt.


I also absolutely love all the photos, and wanted to emphasize them in the landing page - it creates a strong emotional connection for parents.

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