Jaime Xie (Netflix's Bling Empire)

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High Fashion Lifestyle Blog

With over 100k + followers on Instagram, Jaime Xie is an inspirational, high fashion luxury blogger with unique styles for every category.

She's a world traveller, attending fashion shows all around the world, and has a seamless style to match any occasion.

My Role

JaimeXie wanted a redesign of her current site to match her high end luxury brand. 

  1. Visual Design

  2. Project Management

Homepage Redesign

Jaime needed a website that help highlight her most important needs:

  • Affiliate links

  • Instagram following

  • New travel blog

Shop My Instagram

This is a very important page, because it not only allows her followers to purchase the exact same outfits, but are also a business asset from affiliate links.


The client is planning to due a lot of travelling, so I needed to design a page highlights that fact.


Paris couture week, New York fashion shows, luxury fashion interviews, etc.

Browser Optimization

One of the most important sections for any business is the checkout process. And with tons of checkout process redesigns in my pocket, this was a real pleasure to work on.

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