Conversion Rate Optimization, UI, Visual

Yep, you heard that right. There's quite a number of fellas out there with the desire to Get Her Back (wink). With an average of 50k+ users each month, the client wasn't getting the sales numbers they wanted.

You can't win her back with this design

The problem with the current design is the lack of psychological principles used to drive the user into wanting to click. 

Does the photo on the right make you feel like you're going to get your ex back? (nope.)

My Role

As a conversion-focused designer for this project, my task was to use various design techniques to drive human behavior. (My job is to make you feel "all the feels" of getting your ex back in your arms. I worked very closely with a CRO specialist who tested the success of the design.

What you see is what you get

Humans are attracted to visually appealing things, it's in our nature. I created more enticing visual assets to let the user see exactly what they are getting. The background photo does three main effects proven to work:

1. Includes real people to make you feel connected

2. Help you visualize your new possible relationship

3. Action-oriented: the couple is embracing, wouldn't you want to too?

Conversion Techniques

In order to make the premium package more attractive for the user, I used a neurological technique that reaffirms the idea of success. Here'a a few that I can share:

1. checkboxes to reaffirm success

2. A banner that indicates success

3. A CTA that stands out

Design Assets

Since the launch was so successful, the client asked for banners, ads, and marketing material needed to solidify their brand.

Out of curiosity, does the banner on the left give you "all the feels"?

HI-FI Mock Up

After launching this design, the client saw a dramatic increase in sales. Can't wait to hear the feel-good stories of all the men who GOT HER BACK (wink face).


Final Thoughts

1. As much as I love aesthetic pleasing designs, I love functional and sales-increasing design even more!

2. It's very important to test the design to see if it works.

3. Let me know if you got your girl back.

© 2019 by Hilary Ledoan