UI/UX, Start-Up

The Yoga Network

Kino MacGregor, with 1+ million followers, is one of the most famous and skilled yogis. Her dream is to create an all-inclusive yoga platform to be truly skilled in at-home learning.

My Role

I provided consultancy for Omstars, advising ui/ux design tricks and best practices, user research, and creating usability mockups for their web and mobile app.

Non-intuitive Filters

There were many problems, including only having one option to choose from at a time, being hidden within pages, etc.

Understanding Users

Users were complaining about the confusing use of filters on the page:

  • one option at a time

  • wants additional features

Data & Iterations

From user feedback, I was able to create a much more friendly filter to meet usability needs.

After multiple iterations, we were able to come up with a design that wasn't overwhelming, met all user complaints, and gave a better overall experience.

Filter Additions

One of the best solutions was to add:

  • Duration

  • Multiple style options

  • Optimize for several devices

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