• Hilary Ledoan

3 psychological tips to increase conversions on your website

Generate more revenue with easy-to-do strategies

Every company runs into a situation where they need to need to improve their website to make more money.

But not every company can hire a full-time designer. Still, you need to generate more revenue. Or, you might already have everything set-up: website, marketing, branding — but it’s just not making you as much money as it could be.

It’s common to think, “I need to pay for more ads to attract more people, but I’ve already spent $XYZ!!” It turns out that you can make way more money just by fixing up the most important pages on your website.

Here are three simple psychological tips that you can use to make the most out of your website today.

1. Turn your lead capture into a game

Clickable game-like forms are easier to complete

A common mistake when trying to capture emails is to give a user something long and boring fill out.

“This info is important. Let’s hope they fill it out”

“If they really want it, they’ll input all their info”

Now the problem with this is that users don’t get excited about long daunting forms. Here’s a solution. According to Miller’s law — chunking information into small digestible bits help utilize their short-term memory.

Instead of listing out every single input box, try creating a mini game to get the same job done. We call this gamification.

“Does this list seem long? Let’s break it into categories.”

“How do we make it more fun? Let’s make them clickable.”

Try and stick to Miller’s Law, which states that you shouldn’t go pass 7 chunks of information (That’s why phone numbers have 7).

So does this actually work? Show. Me. The Data. Well, it’s fantastic. I’ll share the actual numbers with you right after the next point.

2. Use progress bars for encouragement

Progress bars help show how close users are to the finish line

There’s many ways to make a user fill out a form — the good way, and the not-so-good way.

Placing a progress bar is a great way for users to understand where they are, and how close they are to the finish line.

This works very well because as humans, we have an innate force towards progress.

Some progress bars show multiple functions such as unfinished, in progress, and even videos

This is one simple way that you can make sure more people aren’t abandoning your form halfway through.

And data has proven this to be true.

For EmpireFlippers (Inc. 500), my design lead to a 41.6% increase in lead capture. For a 20 million dollar company, that’s a pretty good number.

3. Make your buttons easily reachable on mobile

Many companies make the mistake of turning their web page into a miniature version for mobile.

In human anatomy, people use just their thumbs when using their mobile phones, so try redesigning it based on what they can reach.

Easily reachable buttons create less frustration

The actual data? Drum roll…an extra 10% increase in conversions. Just like that.

The next time you find yourself needing to optimize a design, understanding how people think and move is always a good bet.

Hilary Ledoan is a writer for the UX Collective, a community of curated stories on user experience, usability, and product design.

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