Tor Donation Process

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Tor is the most popular anonymous browser in the world. Every year, Tor faces its biggest challenge as a non-profit—its annual fundraiser campaign. And that's where I came in...

Oops. Roger, we have a problem

When your users are willfully complaining about your checkout process, that's got to be on your priority list. Tor's current donation page made users input their information at least twice during checkout.


i.e. to claim your donation perk, say a T-shirt, you would have to type in your shipping info again to have it shipped to you.

My Role

As the lead designer for this project, my task was to reinvent their donation page, while keeping their brand message and color scheme in place. I worked very closely with the engineer and PM, which allowed us to persevere through the daily road blocks and launch on time!

So how did we do it?

Needs. We focus on the needs. No one likes a long check out process, so I started off by modifying the existing task flow to eliminate redundancy. Here's a breakdown:

1. Group repetitive information

2. Utilize automation


Design comes in thousands of different ways - I just have to find a few that works.

By understanding that users wanted a simplified task flow above all else, I used their negative reviews to sketch several UIs to fix that very problem.

HI-FI Mock Up

After iterating a few mock-ups internally with fellow designers, I started developing the front-end using Webflow.

This made it 3x faster for the developer to code the rest of the project.

Launch Results

Over the course of several weeks, bounce rate decreased by 17%. With traffic of over 7 million monthly users, that's a HUGE WIN!

My focus was to make sure that this donation process was second nature to users. The design was not only super simple, but users never had to worry about frustrating, repetitive info ever again!

Due to change in deadlines and budget constraints, we were not able to generate user tests. But because the client was super excited about the idea, it will be put on next year's priority list.

Final Thoughts

1. Continuous collaboration with the team is essential for carrying out goals. Couldn't do it without the teammates!

2. Prioritizing problems is key. It will create a better solution and keep everyone on the same page.

3. When there are various ways to solve the problem, choose the most simple!

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