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So What's TreeToTub?

TreeToTub is bringing back the origin of soap with a mind-blowing soapberry. 


The company was undergoing a major roadblock - low conversion rates. This is when it starts to get exciting.

My Role

I designed TreeToTub’s landing page back in 2015. I was the sole designer and worked with the founder and a marketing team. A year later, TreeToTub came to me because they wanted to boost their conversion rate of their e-commerce website.


I provided consultancy for TreeToTub, advising them on ui/ux design tricks and best practices, and executed these ideas on the product page.

Specific Problem

TreeToTub was unsatisfied with their conversion rate of 2.8% and looking to bump it up to 3.5%. I took a look at their e-commerce site and noticed quite a few uh-ohs - elements not strategically placed, lack of information hierarchy, etc.

Understanding Users

Before making any changes, I needed to understand problems users had with their sensitive skin. I noticed a repetitive comment: many products caused allergic reactions, so there are specific information that they are looking for when choosing their next product.

“My mom has allergic reactions to just about any body wash products, now they are disappearing!”

Data & Iterations

I analyzed user behavior throughout the website using smartlook.

Hundreds of videos later, I realized what users found most important on the page - reviews. I took that data and turned them into several high-conversion wireframes.

Product Page Additions

Users look for specific things when debating whether to buy a product. So we included a few of these checkpoints ‘above the fold’. We’ll be testing to see weather this increases CRO.


1.  Dermatologist Recommended

2.  Five star reviews

3. 100% Safe Checkout

It's My Word

We’ve talked to our users and the reoccuring theme is that they’ve tried so many products that give them allergic reactions.


To assure them that they will not be wasting money, the 100% guarantee (located above and below the fold) is a great way for them to feel comfortable purchasing.

Turn Insights into Sales

This page showcases using data overtime to see if it works.

Final Thoughts

Here's a full length version of the final mock-up that was developed. I strategically placed each element and chose meaningful colors, all while working to maintain the original look and feel.

Once I examine  the conversion rate and user behavior through smartlook, I'll make further adjustments.


Here's a throwback to when I designed TreeToTub's first 50 page ebook detailing the history, uses, and benefits.

The book was created in less than 12 hours for the Kickstarter launch.

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